Dragon fruit other names

dragon fruit other names

Pitaya fruit, pitahaya fruit, commonly known as the dragon fruit, is a fruit from Central America, South America, and Asia. It is a favorite to many, particularly. Botanical name of Dragonfruit? What is Dragonfruit called in other languages?. We've heard that the Vietnamese name, “thang loy,” somehow translates into the English words “ dragon fruit,” and thus the different name. This fruit is usually known by its common name but the scientists prefer the botanical name to avoid ambiguity. It is native to Central America dating back to the 13 th century. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. This nomenclature is based on Scientific Classification of Dragonfruit. The sour pitaya or pitaya agria S.

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How to Eat Dragon Fruit dragon fruit other names Native and Exotic Trees, Shrubs, and Vines. This nomenclature is based on Scientific Classification of Dragonfruit. Hylocereus undatus is a sprawling or vining, terrestrial or epiphytic cactus. When the dragon was slain the fruit was collected by the victorious soldiers and presented to the Emperor as a coveted treasure. It can be found Royal Sporting House is one of the largest sports goods distributors and retailer of well-known fashion labels in Singapore. Botanically speaking, Pitaya fruit grow on a variety of cactus species. Stenocereus fruit sour pitayas are a variety that is commonly eaten in the arid regions of the Americas. Fruits are peeled and the white flesh is eaten fresh. Rambutan Nephelium lappaceum is a tropical fruit belonging to the family Sapindaceae. It has its origins in Mexico, South America, and Central America, but New World settlers probably brought it to Southeast Asian nations like Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines, where it remains an important part of the dietary fruit intake.

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